One Day at a Time.




Established in 2016, Windy Willow works as a community seeking to better the reality of failing mental health. Our collection of clothing and accessories serve as a symbolic platform to make a difference. Windy Willow pushes the concept of expanding our mental capacities by communicating with one another with a TRUE open mind. In doing so, we learn about ideas that we may not even be aware of that can help to understand our own thoughts.

If you can visualize something, create a concept that stands for something. And if your cause is just, it will materialize into something amazing.

Our Collection

“Consists of comfortable clothing and accessories for any day, any setting, and certainly for any person. Hats, beanies, tanks, t’s, sweatshirts, and more. ”

Our Cause

 “Windy Willow is more than stitches and thread. Our vision is to work toward helping others in need with respect to mental health. We believe only after serving others will you find real value in what you create. Check out our Blog page and Our Cause page to learn about our values!”


Though life becomes windy, we stay rooted in our values from which we find happiness one day at a time.

–David Halvorson | Founder



Collection of inventory displayed by happy friends, customers, and Windy Willow supporters. 



A regular blog on topics involving life coaching, open discussion on emotions, and being true to ourselves. 


Rooted Series and Halvorson Fitness were made to target mental and physical bettering. Check out the vlogs in the link provided.